After All
Words & Music by M. Crolius

As I sat there in the dark tonight
The thoughts would come and go
Every time I thought of you
It made me smile you know

Remember walking on the beach
With nothing else to do?
Those days we spent like pocket change
I spent a fortune there with you

Still feel the sand beneath my feet
And the sun shine in my eyes
Tears I've waited years to cry
Have turned into a smile

After all this time, after all the miles
After all is said and done

You still can make me smile

After all the hope
After all the dreams
After all that we went through
It wasnít meant to be
After all

I didn't call to reconcile or try to make amends
We used to share most everything
Thought we'd share a smile again
Remember all the fire's we built
Those nights out on the beach?
They burn inside my heart
Although they're so far out of reach

No anger left inside me now
Not in quite a while
All the feelings that I have for you
Have turned into a smile

After all this time, after all we had
After all is said and done, baby itís too bad
After all the hope, after all the faith
After all that we had found
We couldnít find a way
After all

Please understand and always believe
I did all I could but it never was easy
I know you donít believe it
Iím telling you I mean it
I never wanted... I never wanted you to go

After all this time, after all the pain
After all is said and done Iím the one to blame
After all I gave, after all I kept
After all these years have passed
It isnít over yet
After All

Keyboards, Guitars, Bass, Percussion: Mike Crolius
Drums: Dave Blackburn
Sax: John Rekevics
Vocals: Leonard Tucker,