Better Yet
Words and Music by Mike Crolius

etter yet we'll take a train
Better yet we'll fly
Better yet we'll sail our boat
If the river's not gone dry

Better yet
A bicycle for two will do
Anywhere with you

Better yet we'll buy a house
Better yet a yacht
Better yet an old sedan
And live on every block

Better yet
A camper and a truck
Anywhere with you

With just a little luck it's sure to get
Better yet

Sitting back to back and standing toe to toe
It seems that we see eye to eye no matter where we go

Better yet we'll make a pledge
Better yet a pact
Better yet we'll make a deal
And leave the strings attached

Better yet
I'll buy a golden ring
And put it on your finger

Just because of you it's sure to get
Better yet

Guitars, Bass:
Mike Crolius
Drums: Dave Blackburn
Keyboards: Rob Whitlock
Vocals: Robin Adler
Backup Vocals: Jim Firth
Sax: John Rekevics