Words & Music by M. Crolius

Why do you steal the blankets?
From the cheap hotels you stay
Why do you test the waters?
When you know itís gonna rain

When you believed in heroes
You believed in faith
When you believed that love would
Always find a way
You believed in you

Now you dig for answers
Until your fingers start to bleed
Your heartís as hard as diamonds
But youíre as poor as you can be

When you believed in heroes,
You believed in hope
When you believed that you would
Never want to go
When you believed in heroes
You believed in trust
When you believed in love then
You believed in us

What should I tell the children?
Should I tell them love is wrong?
I know you donít believe that
So pull yourself up and drink from the cup
Of the millions of lovers who lost each other
But found the strength to go on

When you believe in heroes,
Youíll believe in faith
When you believe that love will
Always find a way
When you believe in heroes,
The hero could be you
Youíll believe thereís hope then
And all you have to do
Is believe in you

Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, : Mike Crolius
Drums: Dave Blackburn
Vocals: Billy Thompson
Backup Vocals: Michelle Lundeen, Jim Firth, Mike Crolius