I Don't Know
Words & Music by M. Crolius

Lay your head down on my shoulder
Put your feet against the door
I'll put the top back up in a minute
And turn the radio down some more

We're still about a half a pack
Of cigarettes away so baby, get some rest
This won't be the last time
That we'll have to go through this

I don't know where people's souls
Go to when they die
Some people say it's a better place
I'm not sure just why

I Don't Know

I thought I had the answers
Then I found out something new
That everything I learned in life
I learned may not be true

When I look around the corner
It's getting hard for me to see
I guess that I'm not so sure these days
What it is I believe

All the paradigms and signs
Are changing fast as traffic lights
I don't know which way to turn
To stand and fight

I Don't Know

The road gets narrow and the signs get small
Itís so damn hard to make sense of it all
How many miles do we have to go?
Don't ask me baby cause I don't know

I can see my own reflection
In the broken rearview glass
The lines are getting longer
And there's less future then there's past
Every mile marker shows how far we've come
But will it really matter after all is said and done

I Don't Know

Guitars, Bass, Keyboards,Congas Mike Crolius
Drums: Dave Blackburn
Piano: Barnaby Finch
Digitally Slandered Congas: John Debomy
Vocals: Billy Thompson
Backup Vocals: Michelle Lundeen