Love Will Find a Way
Words & Music by M. Crolius, J.Gebhart, R. Asher

Yesterday you left me and I put away your things
Today I'm feeling better and I'm dusting off my wings
Nothing lasts forever things never stay the same
Though I'm feeling empty now I know it's only room for change

I found out early I'll never be alone
Losing don't mean I'm lost
Cause love will bring me home
I'll never be alone

Love will find a way

My life has been in boxes hidden from the world
Every time one opens up I find another pearl
Every pearl's a lesson that teaches me each day
That if a love is meant to be then love will find a way

I found out early that love is never wrong
Sometimes it's leaving
That's brings us back home
Love will always bring us home

Love will find a way

It's in the art of loving babe
That paints us both apart
So when it's cold and cloudy out
And there's no fire to warm your heart
That's when it feels like it's over
But baby that's just the start

Love will find a way

Guitars, Bass, Keyboards:
Mike Crolius
Drums: Dave Blackburn
Sax: John Rekevics
Leonard Tucker, Rachel Asher