One More Night
Music by M. Crolius, J. Gebhart, R. Asher
Words by M. Crolius

I can hear his hand come down at night
But I don't understand
Why you keep on going back
When you hate to love that man

You sleep the anger off
And stay in bed till noon
Too scared to run away
Cause you don't know what he'll do


So there'll be one more night
You tell yourself each day
Just one more night
Is all you're gonna stay

Time will heal your broken heart
And time will heal your pride
But not until you leave that man
Will time be on your side

Baby, just take the kids
And get out while you can
I know how hard it is
When you hate to love that man


But you just don't seem to get it
There's no more time forget it
Don't you see that you can leave?
Just walk on out the door


Keyboards, Guitars: Mike Crolius
Drums: Dave Blackburn
Bass: Jay Jorgenson
Vocals: Billy Thompson
Backup Vocals: April Doyle