One More Try
Words and Music by Mike Crolius

Dreams are meant for sleepers
I've slept alone too long
You're all I ever dream of
When I wake up you're gone

I thought that all those city lights
Would somehow keep me warm at night
Now I just can't stop dreaming
You tell me that you love me
And you give it one more try

There's a road for every lesson
Some are paved in gold
If you take the wrong direction
You may never get back home

I thought I always needed more
I got more than what I bargained for
What could have I been thinking
Just tell me that you love me
And you'll give it one more try

I can't put a fence around the wind
Or change what was to what should have been
Is it too late or much too soon
For me to ask one thing from you
Please change my life forever
And tell me that you love me
And give it one more try

Guitars, Bass:
Mike Crolius
Drums: Dave Blackburn
Keyboards/Strings: Mike Crolius
Vocals: Leonard Tucker
Backup Vocals:: Leonard Tucker
Sax: John Rekevics