Please Baby
Words & Music by M. Crolius, J. Christen

When I awoke from a good night sleep
Looked around, my love was gone
Found a note on the bedside stand
Picked it up my fingers went numb

It read, Honey, Iím through with you
How can I live with a man
Does the things that you do
Honey, Iím down the road
How can you do all them things
And not even know?

What did I do? Iím just not sure
Did I snore too loud
And leave clothes on the floor?
Make me a list I wonít do Ďem no more
Honey, just donít walk out the door

Please, babyÖ
Donít walk out the door

A cup of coffee didnít clear my head
Aspirin didnít kill the pain
I sat alone in an empty room
With no one but me to blame

She wrote, ďHoney, donít be alarmed,
Iíve never accused you of too much charm
Honey, donít get the blues
I need a man, he just ainít you

What did I do? Iím trying to think
Did I eat too much
And leave the dishes in the sink?
Call me a doctor, Iím so damn weak
Pour me a real stiff drink

Please, babyÖ
Donít walk out the door

Iím no Mr. Perfect, that I will confess
But cleaning up without you
Will only leave a mess
Please Baby...

What did I do that she didnít like
Did I forget once again to kiss her good-night
A bump on the head can give second sight
Iíve finally seen the light
Please BabyÖ.

Guitars, Bass:
Mike Crolius
Drums: Dave Blackburn
B3 Organ: Rob Whitlock
Vocals: Jim Christen
Backup Vocals:: CeCe